Patchwork Society

I have a list of things I want to work more on this year (speaking of, can you believe we are 1/4 the way through 2013 already?) One of them is baking and making desserts, more on that later. I also want to continue to work on my quilting skills. As someone who works with color and proportion all day, I still find it cathartic to come home and work on my own color palette, making my own creations. I find the piecing part of quilting to be so fun, it’s like coloring but using fabric! I signed up for the patchwork society at Modern Domestic, a monthly modern quilting meet-up where we will learn a new block a month! We are using the book “modern blocks; 99 quilt blocks from your favorite designers.” I love the color palette they picked out for this month. Check out the not-yet-assembled kit for a tote bag featuring the 1st modern block, called binary.

IMG_3593 IMG_3592


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