Surface Pattern Design

I am currently taking Pattern Observer’s online course “Sellable Sketch” in order to get some tools and guidance for turning my artwork into fabric designs! I have followed Michelle Fifis’s popular blog for some time now, and even met her and her little family this past December while selling my wares at the 525 event at Union Pine. We are doing a lesson every week, and I have not been disappointed, I am so happy I signed up! Michelle is a great teacher and has created a very modern way to learn and interact with other students via an online forum, as well as a weekly webinar. If you are interested in learning more about surface pattern design I would highly recommend this course! In the least, check out her super blog!! I am working hard in the evenings and the weekends on designing a fabric collection, here is a preview of some of my first designs! What I love is getting that important feedback, so I definitely have some tweaks to make to these, but I was just so excited I wanted to share my work in progress!


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