Keep Growing

Keep Growing! Stay Open! Always keep an open mind to what is next, because life is full of so many interesting adventures! If  you know you will change, and things will change, doesn’t starting out seem easier? Go ahead and take that risk, because things will change again, so it is not forever!  I am another year older this weekend, I also Keep Growing!

This week’s assignment in Lilla Rogers studio school was really fun. The brief was to create a piece of art for the ‘wall art’ market. First we collected items in our assigned color palette from around our house. This was really inspirational and a good way to get excited about starting the project. We were guided to use collage elements, include a version of a floral motif, and place some text on the piece. ” For my hand-made elements I carved rubber stamps out of Staedtler Master Carve blocks, hand-cut paper for the lettering, and painted textural layers for the background. I added hand-drawn botanical drawings that I colored digitally. I feel like I could work on this forever, it could go so many directions. It could use more contrast, etc, etc. I am learning so much from this course, how to respond to a brief, how to segment out the making process (so as not to get too stuck in one phase, like research!) We have one more week and then the 2nd part of the course picks up again in the Fall. I definitely feel the momentum going working on these projects, and I plan to continue even when school is out. I am excited to play more, create more, have fun, and enjoy the process. Next month I am moving into a house with a detached art studio, and I am over the moon excited to see how that space facilitates my work.


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