I love reading people’s book and film recommendations, so I wanted to share some of what is inspiring me lately! You might remember my post on how renewing my membership to the local library has (economically) been feeding my need for inspiration! Here are two films that really made me happy. The first is Paul Klee: The Silence of an Angel. I have always been a huge Paul Klee fan, and this visual journey into his work left me so massively inspired. I loved his journey of simplifying shapes, working with color and responding to nature. One of my favorite masters of the 20th century.

The second is Beauty is Embarrassing, a hilarious and creative documentary based on the artist Wayne White.  I loved every minute of this and laughed the whole way through. An Emmy-winning puppeteer from Pee Wee’s playhouse and all-around creative painter and sculptor, this documentary was fantastic. I loved the insight into his childhood and roots in Tennessee, his time in NYC, and life in L.A. with his creative family. What is inspiring you these days?


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