A fresh start…

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful summer! Mine has been extremely busy, and there have been so many enjoyable moments. I recently moved houses and have been enjoying my new space so much. It is amazing what a refresh can do. Changing things up allows you to reset habits and behaviors easily, to dust out the cobwebs and get clarity. I feel so inspired by my environment, and I had a pretty sweet dedicated studio space in my last house, but my new space is amazing. It is pretty much died and gone to heaven, to me. I now have a detached artist studio in the backyard. I have enjoyed getting it set up and finding a place for everything. I also started a pretty large freelance project that will take me through the Fall. This project involves Drawing, Paper-cutting, Screen printing and Sewing for a dog show. I am really excited to work on it and it feels great to be creating in my new space. The other day I was laying on a bench in the backyard, looking up at the clear blue sky, lawnmower in the distance, a soft breeze blowing, birds chirping, thinking how life is so, so good. Just really feeling extremely content and peaceful and with a full heart. I’ll be posting more updates here now that I’m all settled in! Here are a few pics of the new studio space.


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