Modern Crazy piecing

This past Friday I took a vacation day off work to take an all-day sewing class at Modern Domestic with Seattle’s Katie Pedersen of Sew Katie Did. It was such a beautiful Fall day, leaves everywhere and the sun shining. Whenever I leave a class at Modern Domestic, I come home so energized and full of ideas. This class was particularly fun, Katie created a great environment and we all did such different takes on modern crazy piecing. I started with 8 different colors of fabric, mostly analagous but a contrast orange as well. We then created irregular strips, sewed them together in twos, and then continued to chop those up into 8 or more pairings. From there we started laying out our pieces, angles and strips. It takes a while to get into it and loosen up, there is something about working with fabric and rulers, your mind seems to want things straight and symmetrical. But it is incredibly liberating to let go and free form, and let the piece evolve. The process is really satisfying! Here is what I ended up with, and for now, I’m going to hang it on my design wall and look at it, until I figure out how I want to insert it into a quilt. I enjoy learning in person from others, books are great, video tutorials are amazing too, but there is no replacement for human interaction, and learning all the little tips and tricks of working smarter. I will definitely use this technique going forward!



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