Patchwork Society

I signed up for another year of Patchwork Society at Modern Domestic! I loved the past year, I learned so much, and came home so excited to work on sewing and quilting. I think for many of us, we learn by doing, so although I think I get by pretty well by watching Youtube tutorials and reading books, there is nothing like learning by doing with a teacher nearby to teach you secrets, short cuts, and give general confidence! We are making a Marcelle Medallion quilt from the book Liberty Love. So far I’ve started the outer most borders, the cross borders, and I am loving working on these. I spent a lot of time “trying out” fabric for this quilt, as it seems to be the most successful as a scrappy quilt, or with a lot of different values, and in the end, I actually decided to use all solid colors. I agonized over this, as a full-time color designer, when it comes time to committing to my own colorways, I really put a lot of pressure on myself. I want to do something new, but also something I love and will like to look at for a long time. I am attracted to earth tones, but I also love bright color. And this is a color palette I am going to be working on over the course of a year on this project. I went with my gut and I am pleased so far. You can see the color palette I chose, and the start of the cross border blocks!


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