Paper cut & Screen print commission


This past Summer and Fall I had the pleasure to work on a large commissioned project, creating ‘trophies’ for the Scottish Deerhound Club of America. I created 4 original paper cuts, 10 screen printed pilllows, 30 screen printed fabric ornaments & 80 screen printed cards. My paper cut artwork was also used on additional products like notebooks and laser cut wooden ornaments. I was happy to see an image to the trophies here on the SDCA site. This was a really fun project that I worked on nights and evenings for several months. After sketching the outline Deerhound several times I proceeded to create the internal designs which feature Scottish Thistle and and a hare, which is a symbol of lure coursing that the dogs are judged on. I love my dogs to pieces, and I enjoyed spending time working on dogs as a subject! I am hoping these go over well for fellow dog lovers at this special event! I met my wonderful “client” (and now friend) a few years back at one of the local fairs I sold my work at, and she got in touch with me to commission me. It reminds me of this post, that “putting yourself out there” is really rewarding, and not only based on the days sales. You never know what will come out of sharing your work with the world! I love these custom projects!


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