Spring Cleaning

I have been going through my closets (including my studio closets) and cleaning out things I no longer love or use. I recently pulled out a few quilting projects I had in various stages, and vowed to finish them all off before starting anything else new. I have so many ideas of things I want to work on, but I also love the feeling of completing things.

When I first learned to quilt a couple of years ago, I spent a few weeks piecing 30 log cabin blocks. I used, almost exclusively, fabric given to me by people who knew I loved to sew, and some of it also came from a trip to Tokyo. Blue is my favorite color, and I love things that read unisex, and I just love navy so much. I also think the primary colors remind me of the 1970’s, my early childhood! This is really the quilt I learned how to quilt on. I used Susan Beal’s book “Modern Log Cabin Quilting” to get started, which I think is a wonderful book to get started on. Written & illustrated in simple terms, this book, combined with a few hours of private tutoring at Modern Domestic are what started my quilting life.

I had these 30 blocks all sashed and stashed away for about 2 years, and meanwhile made several things to sell in my etsy shop and at local handmade fairs. I made pillows, smaller baby quilts and hundreds of screenprinted whale pillows… Finally I decided, it was time to quilt this log cabin quilt up. It was the first thing I made, and it is truly wonky. While the blocks are pretty good, I didn’t not trim anything (gasp) and went on to sash it in all it’s irregularity. As my skills built up, I wondered if I should take this thing apart and properly put it back together, but I decided to just go ahead with it. It’s the first large quilt I made, 54″ x 88″ and the perfect size to cozy up on the couch with (never mind it was almost 90 degrees today!) I guess when I look at old quilts, many of them have a wonky flow, and there is something pretty charming about that!


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