I Made a Pair of Sandals


This weekend I took a full day sandal-making class with Rachel Corry. It was held at the studio space of Red Clouds Collective just a few blocks from house.  It was a pretty amazing space, amazing instructor,  amazing students, and amazing finished product. It was a great day that ended with a handmade pair of sandals custom fit to me! We used vegetable tanned leather for the upper pattern, leather outsoles, and a leather lace tie. Rachel brought patterns to use and some students made up their own pattern, but I was smitten with this simple tie pattern. I used her metal alphabet punch stamp to emboss my name and the date into the foot bed. We used a cement commonly used for shoe making, brass tacks, a shoe anvil, hammer & mallet, scratch awl, and a knife to create our shoes. Afterwards the sides were sanded on a belt sander to get a smooth finish between the layers.  Making things by hand is so very satisfying, if you are at all interested in this I recommend getting on her email wait list to find out about future classes! You have so much respect for the products you wear and love, after taking the time to make them yourself.


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