I am a Finalist for Martha Stewart American Made Competition!

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I am a wildcard finalist for the 3rd annual Martha Stewart American Made competition! Based on social media shares, I was able to gain one of the 200 “wildcard” spots among the 1000 finalists! I am so humbled and very thankful that so many people helped me get to this spot! Again, it proves, if you put your work out there,  you never know what will happen! Among my feelings of shyness for promoting this, I am digging deep outside my comfort zone to show up and “play the game.” Which means talking about this, a lot! Social Media can be a lot to manage and sometimes, lets face it, it’s really annoying, but I have learned first-hand how powerful it is. A post goes viral, and suddenly, I am able to join the group of finalists!

Voting is now open to the public through October 13. There will be 9 winners judged by the panel of judges at Martha Stewart, and 1 coveted “People’s choice” award based on individual votes. If you are moved to do so, this is how you vote.. Click here to go to my Martha Stewart American Made page, click the “vote” button. Register by signing up with your email address,  you will get a 1-time email to confirm your email address, then you can go back to my page and log in and vote. Did you know you can vote 6 times a day? You only need to log in once, but you can click “vote” 6 times each day!

The winners receive a 10k prize to help with their business, along with a flight to NYC for the Martha Stewart American Made Summit (along with the other winners.) A chance for a spread in Martha Stewart Living and a spot on Sirius Radio are also up for grabs! The prize would be absolutely amazing. It’s hard to make a living as an artist, the prizes could really help. I would use the money towards equipment, quilt and craft-related conferences, & workshops, and building a digital brand presence. Imagine the bragging rights that come with the validation from one of the top Masters in Craft. I imagine people and companies would be eager to collaborate with you when you’re endorsed by Martha Stewart! Winning would bring press and acknowledgment that is hard to get in a world full of competition. This recognition would help my work rise up out of my own little world.

No matter what the outcome, I am humbled, motivated, honored, and feeling brave for stepping outside my comfort zone. I feel like I am on a trajectory with my work. Every day I learn, every day I make more work, and every day I love my creative practice even more. The time in my studio is really rewarding, even when things are challenging (and I spend hours seam ripping bad seams!) I relish the journey of each project and each new piece. What an amazing experience this already is! Thanks for reading, and thanks for your vote!


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