Marcelle Medallion update


I finished my Marcelle Medallion quilt top that I started in January as part of the monthly Patchwork Society at Modern Domestic.  It finishes at a 58″ square. I am pretty happy with my color choices of using primaries and taking advantage of the rainbow, but it is a lot of color! I think I like it best when viewed from a bit of a distance!  What is great about this project is everyone else in class is doing the same pattern, but we’re all using different prints and colors and they all look so different from one another. There have been a few times during the making that I huffed under my breath “I’m not making another one of these” but honestly, as it comes together, I can see myself making another medallion quilt. I learned so much making this. I learned paper piecing techniques and reinforced the efficiency of chain piecing. I feel pretty good about reading quilt patterns now, and I have even designed 2 myself for a fabric company! I have put a lot of time into this quilt, more than any other I’ve made. Next up I’ll add a backing, baste and quilt it, and bind it. I think I’ll take a little rest before I start that!


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