Quilt Chocolate

This weekend I debuted my latest endeavor… I have been dabiling in chocolate making for the past year and even taking an online course to become a chocolatier. This weekend I had the opportunity to sell my chocolates and test the market… and I’m happy to report they were a success! I almost completely sold out! The last two photos show the before and after. I created 4 varieties; a spicy chipotle dark chocolate ganache, a salted caramel, an almond butter gianduja, and a bar with dark chocolate, cocoa nibs and sea salt. I have been quite busy at nights preparing and I’m happy they were well received. Of course, since I love quilting as much as chocolate making, I named my brand “Quilt Chocolate.” I wrapped the packaging in images of the quilts I have worked on the past two years. I am donating 10% of my proceeds to the wonderful organization Children’s Healing Arts Program.  Stay tuned for the what comes next for Quilt Chocolate!


4 thoughts on “Quilt Chocolate

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I was so excited to get your chocolate as a gift! However; I am wondering what the ingredients are in the chocolate bar with the chocolate nibs and sea salt.

    1. Hi Jjaffe12: So sorry the ingredients were not listed! i caught that a little too late for printing that round! the bars are gluten and vegan, here are the ingredients: cacao beans, pure cane sugar, cocoa butter, soya lecithin, vanilla beans, cocoa nibs, sea salt. Hope you can enjoy!

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