Wooden Blocks Quilt Heading to Quiltcon!

This year I entered my “Wooden Blocks” quilt into QuiltCon. And it was accepted to be displayed! Out of over 1350 quilts entered, only 300 or so were chosen and I am honored to be one of those! You can read a little about the process here on Latifah Saafir’s blog, she is a former jury member for this show and one of the founders of the Modern Quilt Guild (which hosts QuiltCon.)There is a lot of buzz around the quilts that were picked and of course the quilts that were not. There is a lot of talk about what is Modern and what is worthy. All I can say, is this quilt is 100% original, inspired by the beautiful palette of Robert Kaufman’s Kona cotton,  bold shapes and simple quilting, and I created it from my heart without even a thought of entering it into anything, but when a friend suggested I do so, I thought why not? I know this quilt is simple, and shows restraint. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my first idea, I planned to make a very busy quilt with lots of shapes and contrast. I edited that idea quite a bit. It’s not the most complex quilt, but something I have learned a lot about in my full-time day job as a Color Designer, is that sometimes simple really is better. While a piece may have taken hours upon hours to create, the end result is sometimes heavy and overworked. I believe there is an energetic quality to the work we make, a lot of our process comes out in the piece, and I hope this quilt expresses the fun I had creating this.

I originally wrote about joining my local Portland Modern Quilt Guild a few years back, and the excitement I had doing so… I was really inspired from my time going to guild meetings, both by tutorials, fabric introductions, and really talented people in the mix. I have a hard time making it to guild meetings with my work schedule, and so currently I am just a Modern Quilt Guild member, but do hope at some point I can be a part of my local guild again and join all those talented Portland Quilters!



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