France, part 1

Well folks, it’s official, I’m now a Master Chocolatier! You can read a little about my journey to this adventure here! Last month I set out for a 2 week trip to France. I spent some time in Paris, some in Tain Hermitage and some time in Annecy (both are in the Rhone-Alpes region in the southeast of France, about a 3 hour train ride from Paris.) I set off on this adventure to immerse myself in chocolate, with the center of the trip focusing on attending a Master Chocolatier course at Valrhona. The trip was everything I hoped for and more. The weather was perfect, I ate amazing food, learned so much about working with chocolate, came away with many new recipes and made some great friends from around the world who are also passionate about chocolate. It may well be the best trip I’ve ever taken. A little bit of city (galleries/museums/chocolate shops) a little bit of learning, a little bit of country, and a lot of great food & wine! If you ever have the chance to go to France, do yourself a favor and of course visit Paris, but make sure to visit a smaller town as well! Because this trip filled me so, I had a hard time editing my inspiration photos. I decided to break out the posts in 3 parts to share photos and some details.

While in Paris I visited the Lanvin Exhibit which inspired me greatly, namely the lovely quilting techniques used in her garments. It solidified my favorite fashion era as the 1930’s, which I was pretty sure was my favorite but am for sure now! I also visited several galleries along St Germaine, tons of chocolate and pastry shops (generally centered in the 7th arrondissement in Paris), took the hop on-hop-off bus using my museum pass (always my favorite thing to do when I get to a new city and feel extremely jet lagged but excited to see some sites.) I took a boat cruise along the Seine (which all but rocked me to sleep on said jet lag day.) I ran up the stairs to the top of the arc de triomphe, & visited lots of lovely shops (clothing/housewares/chocolate and baking supplies) in the Marais district. Here are some photos from my time in Paris, in my next post I’ll post photos of my time at Valrhona.


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